Tips and Tricks: How To Plan For Your Family Photos

Nashville Family Photographer-T&T Family Photos

“I have no idea what to wear, or for anyone else to wear for pictures.”

Does that sound familiar to anyone? Just about every time sessions are booked, I often hear that the client has to figure out what to wear and for everyone else to wear. It’s the time of year for everyone to be getting family photos, so I think it’s about time I give you all tips on this!

  • Coordinate, Don’t Match: Matching for family photos is outdated. Try coordinating outfits, but don’t exactly match.

  • Wear Something Comfortable: This may sound odd, but especially for family photos, wear something comfortable. You need to be able to move and bend without problems. This will make you look more relaxed in photos.

  • Bring Jackets or Scarves: This will help you vary outfits throughout your session without having to change clothes.

  • Don’t Wear Clashing Colors: This will not look good in photos. It creates tension between the colors. For example, don’t have one person wear red and another orange.

  • Wear Neutrals With an Accent Color: A good rule is to have everyone wear neutral colors as the base, such as gray, black, navy, or white, and then add accent colors. You can add up to two colors as accent colors and it not become overwhelming.

I hope that helps all of you with planning your family photos!