Brandon & Devin's Wedding

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When I met Brandon and Devin several months back, it was evident that these two were very much in love. That became even more apparent on their wedding day, and I am so happy I could be there to not only capture it, but witness it as well. It was such an emotional day, but in such a good way. Their day started at Liberty Farms in Lambertville, Michigan and ended down on The Docks in Toledo, Ohio for dinner and more photos. These two welcomed their families and close friends to witness their marriage, and it could not have been more perfect.

Their first look included happy tears from both, then laughter and smiles. I had them look away from each other for about a minute for a photo, and Devin asked if she could just look back at Brandon because she was so happy. I couldn't help but laugh because I knew exactly how she felt! Happiness and excitement like theirs is exactly what first looks are for. 

Not only was it a union between the two of them, but it was a union of their family with Devin's girls, Amara and Zoia. During the ceremony, Devin and Brandon made a commitment to the girls for their household to be full of love and laughter, and gave them necklaces in honor of this promise. It was the perfect way to bring their family together and a way to remind the girls every day.

There are not very many weddings where I get super emotional, but this one had me there! Here are some of my absolute favorite moments from Brandon and Devin's wedding!

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