First Looks

Nashville Wedding Photographer_T&T First Looks

“Should I do a first look, or wait until I walk down the aisle?” I get this question a lot when talking with brides and grooms about their wedding day. Some people are traditional (like my husband) and want to wait until the ceremony to see their significant other. Personally, I absolutely love first looks! I wanted to write a blog post and explain why I love first looks so much!

  • Intimate Moment: Okay, this is my biggest reason! This give you both a chance to enjoy a quiet moment in your busy wedding day. You can talk to each other and actually take a moment to look at each other. I have every groom spin his bride during the first look because you need to see all of the dress! Also, many grooms don’t want to cry in front of everyone during the ceremony. This allows him to show his emotions.

  • More Time For Photos: I may be a bit biased about this, but it also give you more time for photos. If you do a first look, you won’t be rushed for couples photos. We can go explore the venue, or even head out to somewhere close by! I love having extra time for couples photos to explore and also for you both to relax.

  • Family and Bridal Party Photos Done Early: You can only make your guests wait so long in between the ceremony and reception, so if we can get any photos done before the ceremony, it’s even better. When couples decide to do a first look, this usually means we can also do bridal party and family photos before the ceremony. This means you don’t have to allow a ton of time in between the ceremony and reception, which makes guests happy.

If you have done a first look, are you glad you did? If your wedding is coming up, what are you planning on doing? I would love to hear everyone’s opinions!