Tips and Tricks: What to Pack on Your Wedding Day

Nashville Wedding Photographer_T&T Wedding Day

If you have never been in a wedding, or even if you have, it is stressful to think of everything you need to pack on your own wedding day. Having photographed lots of weddings, I have seen what should be packed to bring along on your wedding day that you may not think about. I have even started carrying a little kit of supplies that have been needed most on wedding days. Here is a list of essential items to pack on your wedding day!

  • safety pins

  • double sided tape

  • Tide-To-Go

  • tissues

  • crochet hook (to help with those beautiful but frustrating buttons on your dress)

  • scissors

  • small sewing kit

  • straight pins

  • bobby pins

  • hair spray

  • hair ties

  • lint roller

  • deodorant

  • Q-Tips

  • gum

  • granola bars

  • phone charger

  • Tylenol/Advil

  • makeup wipes

That is just a short list of the items that you should bring with you on your wedding day. If you are feeling overwhelmed, have your maid of honor help you gather these items! She is there to help make sure your day runs smoothly, so Iā€™m sure she would be more than willing to help gather these. Anyone have any other suggestions of items brides should bring on their wedding day? If you do, leave a comment!