Tips and Tricks: Special Gifts For Your Bridesmaids

Nashville Wedding Photographer-T&T Bridesmaids Gifts

The girls who stand beside you on your wedding day are obviously so important to you because you chose them to be your bridesmaids! They have been with you throughout the wedding planning process and you want to thank them for all of their help. Here is a list of the best and most useful bridesmaids gifts I have seen!

  • Tote Bag: Get your girls a monogrammed bag so they can carry all of the necessary items they need on your big day!

  • Robe or PJs: Not only will they love these and get use out of them after the wedding, but they will also make your getting ready pictures look that much better!

  • Hanger for Bridesmaid Dress: Get them a cute, personalized hangers to hang their dresses on! It will also look great for photos!

  • Personalized Water Bottle: Everyone needs to stay hydrated on wedding days, and this is a cute way to make sure everyone does!

  • Jewelry: They will need something to wear on your big day anyways, so you might as well help them accessorize!

I hope this helps all of you brides with planning your wedding day and what do for the girls standing beside you on your big day!