Amy & Tori's Professional Headshots

Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-1

When these two approached me about taking professional headshot for them, I knew we would have fun. Amy and Tori are both graduate students at the University of Toledo working on their doctorates. So with that, of course they need a professional headshot for everything they are submitting for conferences and to be published! 

We decided to head to downtown Toledo, where we knew we would have a good variety of backdrops to use! I love having a variety of different scenes to use in sessions, so downtown was perfect! We found a place to park just off the water, and wandered around to find the perfect locations for their headshots! 

Here are some of my favorite photos from their session!

Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-2
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-3
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-4
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-5
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-6
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-7
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-8
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-9
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-10
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-11
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-11
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-13
Nashville Photographer_Headshots_A&T-14