Amanda Portrait Session

Nashville Photographer_Amanda-1

Sometimes you make friends in different ways, but either way, we are happy we make those friendships. Amanda and I met in a photographer's group on Facebook, and learned that we lived near each other. Right away, the two of us became good friends. 

The two of us are always looking for new places for sessions, as we are both photographers. We decided to take a day and go out and scout new locations for our sessions. Of course, the day we both had available was extremely hot and sunny, but we spent a couple of hours scouting out new locations anyway. 

Go check out Amanda's page: A. Schoch Photography! Here are some of my favorite shots from out location scouting session. 

Nashville Photographer-Amanda-2
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-3
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-4
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-5
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-6
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-6
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-8
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-9
Nashville Photographer-Amanda-10