Erin at The Parthenon

Nashville Photographer_Erin-1

I met Erin while in college. We were both at a weird part in our college career, and just happened to partner on a project together at a time when we needed each other the most. I am so thankful we did, because I would have never become friends with Erin! Since then, we have traveled the world together (no really, we went to France, Switzerland, and Germany together), graduated college together, been in each other's weddings, and moved around the country.

I was so thankful that while I was in Nashville, we were able to get dinner and head out to The Parthenon for a quick session just for fun. Erin is easily the most natural person in front of the camera, so I always love our sessions together!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our quick session at The Parthenon! Also, thank goodness for The Parthenon, because all of a sudden it started pouring, and we had to take cover!

Nashville Photographer_Erin-2
Nashville Photographer_Erin-2
Nashville Photographer_Erin-4
Nashville Photographer_Erin-5
Nashville Photographer_Erin-6