Tips and Tricks: Top Programs I Use as a Photographer

Franklin, Tennessee Wedding Photographer

As a photographer, there are so many ways to run your business. When I was first starting out, I remember how overwhelmed I was with how many options there were. I have had several people ask me recently what I use to run my business, so I figured I would share my top programs I use!


If you aren’t using a client management system, you need to!! I don’t know what I would do without HoneyBook now. I manage all of my projects on HoneyBook, from the initial inquiry to delivering the final products. I can send brochures about my wedding packages, send contracts and invoices, follow up with clients, keep notes, and track all of my projects in a calendar. All of my client’s information is stored there as well, so I don’t have to try to keep track of it; it is all there together. It makes everything run so smoothly and helps me automate my process! The link below will give you 50% off your first year. I will admit that I do get a reward as well by you using my link as well, but hey, we both benefit! If you are interested in trying it, here is a link:


Squarespace is where I host my website and where it is built. My business is so dependent on it because most of the information about my business lives there. Not only is my website hosted through Squarespace, but my blog is as well. I love Squarespace because it is super easy to use and I am able to customize it to fit my brand. There is a contact form on my website that is linked to my email and clients can inquire right there.


This is where all of my galleries are hosted. Every session has it’s own private gallery on Pixieset that is password protected and can be downloaded if you choose to allow the images to be downloaded. You can send the gallery right through the website with the password and download PIN right there. Also, if you choose to, you can allow clients to order prints right through the gallery and it be shipped directly to them. All of the prints go through a professional lab.


If you are blogging your sessions and weddings, this is something you definitely need to invest in! BlogStomp allows you to select the images you would like to use and then lets you create a collage of the images. When you export the images, BlogStomp exports the collage for it to be optimized for posting on the blog. This makes blogging so much easier and quicker!


So this one isn’t necessary like the previous ones, but I love it! I use TwoBrightLights to submit sessions and weddings for publication. You are able to upload the images to galleries online, and then choose several places where you want to submit. It gets you in contact with the right person from the blog or magazine, and then lets you know if it is a good fit or not! It simplifies the process of submitting work so much!

Are there any programs that you use that I should know about?!

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