Top Color Palettes for Nashville Weddings

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Every girl dreams of their wedding. Let me guess, you probably have a secret Pinterest board as well. We have all been there. But when the man of your dreams proposes to you, everything becomes real and you have to plan! Colors are one of the first things you plan, and this sets the tone for your entire wedding! Here are the top wedding colors in Nashville right now!

Blush & Gray

This color combination has become SO popular, and with good reason! Yes, blush is pink, but it’s not overwhelming and it pairs well with so many other colors. It also works well with almost any venue, whether you are wanting to go very elegant, or something a little more rustic. Put the guys in a gray suit and the girls in blush dresses, and you have a beautiful combination! Blush and gray also go well with every metal color you choose or what ever your jewelry is! If you have a rose gold ring, don’t worry, blush goes great! But it also pairs beautifully with silver and gold! If you really want to make a statement, you can even have a blush dress!

Franklin Tennessee Wedding Photographer // Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Maroon, Navy, and Gray

This color combination has me swooning! Maroon, navy, and gray adds a little bit of drama, but it’s so beautiful! This is another combination that you can either dress up for a very elegant wedding, or you could go more industrial and have the wedding at a distillery or somewhere similar! Have your girls dress in maroon or navy dresses, and your boys can wear navy or gray suits. I know we just talked about blush weddings, but you can also add blush or rose gold to this combination for a little bit of a lighter touch. Want to add more drama? Add greenery! It is so elegant!

Here is a gorgeous maroon bridesmaids dress to consider! Click Here

Here is a stylish look for your groom and groomsmen! Click Here

Navy and Gray

This is one that the grooms will appreciate! I know that not all guys are for wearing pink (well let’s be honest, it’s probably blush but they think it’s all the same), so this color combination might be perfect for those grooms! This is a simple color combination, but it is truly timeless! Put your girls in neutral dresses, such as gray or cream, and the boys in blue suits and you are all set for your day!

Franklin Tennessee Wedding Photographer // Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Dusty Blue, Ivory, and Greenery

This color combination is so elegant and gorgeous! I think I could photograph this combination every weekend! If you want something very elegant, or if you would like something that lends itself to be a little more natural, this is a perfect choice! If you have a darker venue, choosing lighter colors, like these, will help lighten up the venue as well! The dusty blue and ivory are absolutely beautiful, and then adding in greenery just makes it that more elegant!

Here are some photos of beautiful bridesmaids dresses! Click Here

Here is a great options for the groom and groomsmen! Click Here

Are these colors on your list? Or what are you planning for your wedding?!

Wedding invitation in first photo is designed by Brittney Nichole Designs.

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