Top Five Trends For Nashville Weddings in 2019

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Just like fashion, there are trends for weddings. These trends come in waves; they trickle in, and then come in full force. First it was burlap and mason jars, then it was blush. Are you wondering what trends are hitting Nashville weddings in 2019? Here is a list of trends that I have noticed, along with other professionals in the industry!


Maroon, burgundy, and wine have taken over the wedding industry for 2019. Dark rich tones, mixed with soft whites and ivory create such a beautiful contrast. Add a little blush in, and you have a full color palette for your wedding. Couples are mixing colors that wouldn’t normally go together and are being more adventurous than ever, and it is absolutely gorgeous.


While some are taking the dramatic route with colors, others are returning to tradition. Beautiful ballrooms are pushing barns out to go back to a more traditional wedding. Barbecues are being replaced with plated dinners, and wood accents being replaces with beautiful antique glass pieces.


Okay, this may seem like an odd one, but I promise you, it’s not! We were talking about those dramatic colors, well velvet goes right with that! But if you are planning on having more traditional colors, like blush or dusty blue, velvet can be amazing with those colors as well! It adds a different texture that most weddings don’t have and it so unique!


Custom illustrations on your wedding invitations or save the dates make them even more special. You can show how you first met, or your wedding venue. If you have several out of town guests, you can show local attractions for them to visit while in town. It is the perfect way to add character and your personality to the invitations.


I have been seeing this more and more, and I am loving it. Can we be honest, most chairs at venues are not the most comfortable. Having seating areas outside creates a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Also, it creates amazing photo opportunities.

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