Tips and Tricks: Do I Need An Engagement Session?

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I am frequently asked if engagement sessions are necessary by newly engaged couples. Some couples have already sent out save the dates or their wedding is coming up quickly and they don’t feel it is necessary to take engagement photos so close to their wedding day, so this question comes up quite a bit. In short, yes, you should plan to have an engagement session. Now I’m not just saying this in order to make money or take up your time, but because I truly believe this. I have said this time and time again, that I want the relationship between me and my brides and grooms to feel more like a friendship than a client/vendor relationship.

Get to Know Your Photographer

One reason that I am a huge advocate for engagement sessions is that it allows you the opportunity to get to know your wedding photographer before your wedding day. This way you know how your photographer operates and how you interact with each other. If you feel comfortable with your photographer, you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Once you are more comfortable in front of your photographer, you are going to be able to loosen up and enjoy yourselves on your wedding day. It can also be used as a test run to see if you really connect with your photographer and if you like their style! What you get from your engagement photos is a good indication of what your wedding photos will be like!

A Chance to Reconnect

Life gets crazy, especially when you are planning a wedding. Taking time out of your crazy schedules to get all dolled up and just be together is important! Sometimes having a reason to do that is a good way to reconnect with each other. Also, if there is some place that is special to you both, make sure to bring it up to your photographer! When there is more history and a connection to a place, the photos are even more special.

Decorate with Your Photos

Chances are, at your wedding, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner, there will be photos framed somewhere. Quality photos to show this special time in your life is so important. You are only engaged for a little while, and it is such a special time to celebrate! At most weddings, there are at least a few photos either framed or on a canvas, and you want to make sure they are quality images and not just from your cell phone. Photos done by a professional print with a lot higher quality than ones done with a cell phone or point and shoot camera. Also, if you haven’t already sent Save the Dates, use your photos on your Save the Dates!

There are a few other things to mention as well! If you are doing a hair and makeup trial before your wedding, see if you can do your engagement session on that day! You have gotten all done up already, you might as well take advantage of it! Also, a lot of photographers include engagement sessions in your wedding packages (I include it in most of my packages), so you might as well use it to get more images and get more comfortable with your photographer!