Tips and Tricks: Do I Need a Second Shooter?

Nashville Wedding Photographer_Tips and Tricks_Second Shooter

A lot of times, couples don’t understand the importance of having a second shooter for your wedding. When ever I meet with couples and we talk about finding the perfect package for them, I stress that a second shooter is so important! Here are my few reasons why!

Every Moment is Captured

When a photographer is photographing a wedding by themselves, there is a good chance they will miss a little moment that may happen. Whether it is mom tearing up when you walk down the aisle, or a sweet moment between the two of you, we can’t capture everything even though we try so hard! It is impossible for us to get everything, so this ensures that more special moments are captured!

More Relaxed Timeline

With second shooter, your timeline for your wedding day is able to be more relaxed. Since there are two photographers, we can split up and tackle the day as a team. While one photographer is photographing the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, the other photographer can photograph the boys getting ready. It is a much more relaxed day when there are two photographers because there is less stress for one photographer to be everywhere at once. Also, it allows the two photographers to coordinate special moments together, such as first looks or reveals to dad.

More Photos and More Unique Photos

A lot of times when there is a second shooter for weddings, you will end up with more photos in your gallery at the end! That is especially true when I photograph weddings. I want to make sure you get to see all of the amazing moments that happened on your wedding day, because let’s be honest, you miss a lot! You are also more likely to get a variety of photos, especially from different angles and locations. I actually love being a second shooter because I get to be more creative and not just get the shots that are required, but the ones that are very unique and from other angles.

So what do you think? Do you think second shooters are important now? I love having a second shooter with me on wedding days and I also love being a second shooter for other photographers. It makes wedding days a lot more relaxed, which makes it more fun!