Konnor & Emily

Nashville Photographer_K&E-1

I have said before that community over competition is something that has always been important to me, and I continue to believe that. So when I get to head out and photograph an adorable couple with other photographers, we have fun. I do this in order to learn from each other and also have the opportunity to experiment with different techniques that I wouldn't normally try.

Konnor and Emily were up for everything I was suggesting during our session, and it was so much fun. These two were so giggly and up for any fun! From the very beginning of this session, I knew we would have fun. We explored the area, tried new techniques, and most importantly, had fun. We climbed through high grass, walked several different paths, and ended the night watching the sunset from the water. 

Here are some of my favorite images from Konnor and Emily's session!

Nashville Photographer_K&E-2
Nashville Photographer_K&E-4
Nashville Photographer_K&E-3
Nashville Photographer_K&E-5
Nashville Photographer_K&E-6
Nashville Photographer_K&E-7
Nashville Photographer_K&E-8
Nashville Photographer_K&E-8
Nashville Photographer_K&E-9
Nashville Photographer_K&E-10
Nashville Photographer_K&E-11
Nashville Photographer_K&E-12